Diagnostic test to enable personalized medicine in cancer

Alba Llop Guevara


    Alba Llop Guevara


    Vall d’Hebron Instituto de Oncología, Spain


    RAD51predict is a diagnostic test to accurately select patients with cancer who could benefit from a novel and very effective targeted therapy known as PARP inhibitors. These drugs are currently approved for specific subtypes of breast and ovarian cancer and it is estimated that over ten percent of all cancer patients could benefit from PARP inhibitors.

    To date, the selection of patients is primarily based on prior platinum sensitivity and genetic tests. These tests have demonstrated a limited predictive value and restrict the use of PARP inhibitors to specific tumour subtypes. Therefore, novel predictive biomarkers are needed.

    RAD51predict is a quick and low-cost immunoassay that identifies key biomarkers in tumour cells. This new diagnostic test will help to extend the use of PARP inhibitors to novel indications and guide oncologists with treatment recommendations. Overall, RAD51predict will contribute to personalizing the treatment of patients with cancer.